Hall of Fame - Batting | Williamstown CYMS Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1122648411263162646750122Bradley DaviesWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B23 1St Andrews Pascoe Vale
210016526001263162635303100*Benjamin GortonWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North / West B13 1St Andrews Pascoe Vale
39664841126316264675596Bradley DaviesWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B24 2Wyndhamvale
4941652600126316263531594*Benjamin GortonWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North / West B15 1Maribyrnong Park St Marys
59164841126316264676491Bradley DaviesWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B26 1West Newport
683410397126316263531783Suhaib JilaniWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North / West B16 1West Newport
778102069126316270966678Paul RussWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018T20 Round Robin - Kororoit Creek1 1Altona Roosters
877175080126316264676277Robert HillWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B25 1Maribyrnong Park St Marys
973794539126316282363473Angus MenziesWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018Under 13 B Sat4 1Yarraville
1065103312126316264675565Janaka SiriwardanaWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B24 2Wyndhamvale
1164180842126316263531564Shiran RajakarunaWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North / West B15 1Maribyrnong Park St Marys
1263664345126316274298663Hamish M SmithWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018Under 13 B Sat3 1Williamstown Imperials
13621092418126316264674362*Pat WoodWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B22 1Sunshine YCW
1458180842126316263530858Shiran RajakarunaWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North / West B14 1Wyndhamvale
1555175080126316264675055*Robert HillWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B23 1St Andrews Pascoe Vale
16541652600126316263529654Benjamin GortonWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North / West B12 1Sunshine YCW
1751634314126316264674351*Ben JohnsonWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North West B22 1Sunshine YCW
1851103312126316270966751Janaka SiriwardanaWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018T20 Round Robin - Kororoit Creek2 1Williamstown Imperials
1950737598126316270415450*Wally ChristieWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North \ West U176 1Sunshine United
2050634328126316270413850*Matthew AllsopWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North \ West U172 1Grand United
2150634314126316270414150*Ben JohnsonWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North \ West U173 1Grand United
2250737598126316270414150*Wally ChristieWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North \ West U173 1Grand United
2350634314126316270415850*Ben JohnsonWilliamstown CYMS2017/2018North \ West U177 1Westmeadows
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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